Warranty Statement

QED Advanced Systems Warranty Statement (Hardware Only) Version 6 - 26/01/2017

Length of Warranty

QED Advanced Systems (QEDAS) publish a warranty period for each product on the “Price List”
applicable at the time of quotation. The warranty period for each product begins on the date of shipment to the customer. If the buyer requests delay in shipment of the product for any reason, the warranty period will be deemed to have commenced at the date of availability for original shipment. The standard warranty period is one year return to QEDAS or local reseller (RTB) for room screens and three years RTB for all Qubi devices. Any extended warranty terms will be detailed on individual quotations and invoices.

Warranty Cover

QEDAS makes the following limited warranties during the warranty period: (a) the products
will function properly under normal use; (b) the products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship; (c) the products will conform to the published specifications; and (d) the products will conform to any additional specifications agreed to in writing by the parties.

Responsibilities of QED Advanced Systems

QEDAS will repair or replace any product that does not meet the limited warranty. QEDAS may issue a credit as an alternative to repairing or replacing the product. The decision to repair, replace or issue a credit is at QEDAS’s discretion. Repair, replacement or credit is the purchaser’s sole remedy for any product that does not meet the limited warranty. If QEDAS is unable to repair or replace the product, or
provide credit, or if the limited warranty is found to have failed in its essential purpose, the buyer’s exclusive remedy and QEDAS’s sole liability in contract, tort or otherwise is the payment by QEDAS of actual damages in an amount not to exceed the amount paid for the product.


The limited warranty extends only to the buyer and may not be assigned or transferred without
QEDAS’s consent.

What QED Advanced Systems is Not Responsible For

This limited warranty statement states the sole liability of QEDAS arising out of the performance of the products. QEDAS makes no other representations or warranties, express or implied, or arising from a course of performance, dealing, or trade with respect to the products or any services furnished. QEDAS disclaims all implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, and any implied
warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The provisions of the preceding limited warranty and warranty disclaimers are reflected in the product prices. QEDAS may modify this warranty at any time; however, the modified warranty will only apply to products purchased after the effective date of the modification. This limited warranty is void if the failure of a product is in QEDAS’s opinion caused by accident, abuse, unauthorised repair, modification or misuse. LED backlights on room-screens may degrade over a period of time and degradation of brightness is excluded after the first year of warranty cover.

Optional, Extended Warranty Terms

a) Warranty Plus
In the event of an issue not being fixable with remote support, QEDAS will courier ship an advance replacement unit to site for the customer to install. Shipment will be made within 1 business day (GMT) from determining that the product is not fixable by remote support and will be shipped to arrive in accordance with the delivery times detailed below. At QEDAS’s discretion and on instruction the failing product should be packaged up by the customer, in suitably protective packaging and returned to the original point of dispatch at the earliest opportunity (max 10 days). The failing product will be repaired in the workshop and at QEDAS’s discretion either returned to the customer to be swapped back or will remain property of QEDAS. Should the faulty products not be returned to QED we reserve the right to invoice for the replacement goods at the current RRP. All parts, labour and shipping costs for replacements are included. All other cover limitations will be as the limited warranty cover (see above). Warranty plus is available worldwide in three price bands UK mainland, EU covering all countries in the European Union/North America and the Rest of World. See below for table of costs and delivery times.


Please contact sales@resourcexpress.com for full details

Estimated Delivery Times

UK, EU, USA & Canada          Next Day

Latin America                           1 – 2 Days

Asia                                          2 days

Middle East – India                  2 days

Africa – Oceania                      2 – 4 days

b) On-Site Swap Out

In the event of an issue not fixable with remote support QEDAS will arrange for an on-site visit by a QEDAS engineer to investigate the problem and either fix or replace the failing product. The on-site response time will vary according to geographic location but will be agreed prior to the service going live.

All parts, labour and travel expenses are included. All other cover limitations will be as the limited warranty cover apply (see above). On Site Swap Out is limited to the UK mainland only.

Cost – Please ask for a quotation (dependant on location)


*Acceptance of a contract to support hardware is solely at QEDAS’s discretion by quotation.

*In the case of no fault found on inspection of returned products, QEDAS reserve the right to recover the total costs of collecting and returning products to a customer site.

*QEDAS will use its best endeavours to source like for like replacement products for faulty equipment, however we reserve the right to supply the latest model of equal or superior specification where equipment has reached its end of life and is no longer commercially available.

To download a PDF of these terms, please click on the following link:  QEDAS Warranty Statement


Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.....it is such a pleasure to work with a company as responsive and proactive as yourselves.

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It was a great experience, I found it a very good product and powerful support for installation and customization

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You guys rock - thanks.

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It has been pleasure working with you and I have to thank you for your superior support

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