The iPad screens make a highly reliable and attractive alternative to our standard Windows or Android room screens.

We can also supply a wall mounted frame kit in several colours and either 3 metre local power cables or alternatively a remote option to feed power over a standard UTP cable (up to 100 metre).

For an overview of our products and practical ideas of how ResourceXpress can solve some of the key issues associated with room and resource booking download the “Intelligent Resource Management” brochure now !

If you’re unsure what particular system will meet your room booking or desk booking needs, then submit an enquiry or request a demo. We’ll be pleased to show you how ResourceXpress can have a positive effect on your office resource productivity.

Workspaces Managed
Workspaces Managed
Workspaces Managed
All models of iPad supported including iPad mini
Solid or glass wall mounted picture frame kits in different colours to mount securely to the wall
Options for local power or remote power over UTP
Physical or software controlled home button locking
Delivers the full range of ResourceXpress room screen features and benefits


Please get in touch if you would like a free trial, demo or just more information.