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Resource Xpress Version 4.5

ResourceXpress version 4.5 meeting room booking system

Back to all news | Posted on February 24, 2016

New Feature Highlights

In ResourceXpress 4.5 we’re pleased to introduce the new kiosk user interface for our customers which gives an even easier way to search and book resources, view floor-plans and view centralized scheduling information. Users can find resources by Name, Booking Title, Organizer or Location.

The My Events feature provides authenticated access to a user’s own bookings. Multiple floor plans for the entire building or multi locations can be viewed with the Floor Plan feature and schedule listings can be viewed giving current status and directional information about resources using the QSign Used at critical junction locations in an office, the new QKiosk interface makes the ResourceXpress system even more intuitive and further helps to improve overall productivity.

We’ve also added a new way to view resource display profiles in the ResourceXpress administration panel. Profiles can now be displayed by screen status and various location values, making it easier to find and group room-screens for reporting or updating parameters.

For Exchange 2007 or later, a new option has been added in System Settings to send a confirmation to user’s calendar directly for Smartbookings. This directly posts an entry into a user’s calendar of the Smart Booking (booking made directly on a room screen) where authentication is turned on.

Users of ResourceXpress Lite now have the option to use screen user authentication for improved security and more detailed reporting.

And lastly we’ve added a very useful time bar for room-screens, showing all the current day bookings for all screens using the Neo stylesheet. This gives resource users an “at a glance” graphical view of all the days reservations, making it easier to identify free slots for Smartbookings.

For full details of these and other features contained in this revision you can download the full release notes in Adobe PDF format here. 


It was a great pleasure working with QED, the whole experience was wonderful and pleasant. I had a great time deploying the QX and Aura! I will not hesitate to recommend QED products when the opportunity arises.

South East Asian defense research agency

You guys rock-thanks!

GBBN Architects, Inc. - USA

Thank you all for your assistance in this is such a pleasure to work with a company as responsive and proactive as yourselves.

Major Global Healthcare Organisation

It has been pleasure working with you and I have to thank you for your superior support

Merja Nurminen - Outotec - Finland

Case Study

Genesis Housing Association – London, UK

See how ResourceXpress integrated with the Resource Central advanced booking system delivered a more efficient and versatile workspace with tangible productivity benefits.

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