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ResourceXpress meeting room booking system version 4.8

Back to all news | Posted on September 14, 2017

New Feature Highlights!

Reporting charts
Simple graphical reporting is now available from the ResourceXpress administration console. In ResourceXpress 4.8 you can now view graphical charts depicting a range of four additional, key parameters. They can be generated using filters by location, date range, type of workspace (i.e. meeting or workspace), working week (i.e. including weekends) or by working hours. Reports currently available are;
* Actual vs Available – comparing total booked duration, total actually used duration and total maximum available resource usage time.
* Utilisation vs Date – comparing the parameters above for each day within a specified range.
* No Shows by Date – comparing the total wasted hours and no-show hours for each day within a specified range.
* Pre-booked Occupancy by Date – comparing the total planned occupancy percentage and total actual occupancy percentage for each day within a specified range.

Maps – future booking
When viewing your workspace floor map using Maps from ResourceXpress, users are presented with a calendar to select future dates and book available resources. This is a major improvement in functionality for Kiosk users and aligns it with the ability for Room screen users to select and book resources on future dates.



ResourceXpress – Hybrid model
local mode for resource profiles with booking system connected mode.
For the first time ResourceXpress can be set up to allow local booking of resources alongside a single traditional booking system such as IBM Notes/Exchange/O365 Google or any connected third party advanced booking systems. This is a major enhancement to ResourceXpress, meaning that where customers have a number of booking system resources it allows them to expand with a number of local only mode resources without having to create new resources in the booking system. Users can find & book mixed resources at point of use, via a kiosk or mobile app. This has a positive effect by reducing the demand on the
core booking system and increasing the scalability and performance of ResourceXpress.



RFID data conversion – advanced features

Check into your desk or meeting room using RFID cards

Conversion of RFID data to suit customer’s expectations is a growing requirement that we’ve been delivering for some time with Qubi but now this capability has been included with the central ResourceXpress server. This issue is often overlooked when specifying system requirements but can make all the difference to the successful roll=out of a resource management system that delivers exactly what the customer wants.

Click here for more information and to download the full 4.8 release notes



It was a great pleasure working with QED, the whole experience was wonderful and pleasant. I had a great time deploying the QX and Aura! I will not hesitate to recommend QED products when the opportunity arises.

South East Asian defense research agency

You guys rock-thanks!

GBBN Architects, Inc. - USA

Thank you all for your assistance in this is such a pleasure to work with a company as responsive and proactive as yourselves.

Major Global Healthcare Organisation

It has been pleasure working with you and I have to thank you for your superior support

Merja Nurminen - Outotec - Finland

Case Study

Genesis Housing Association – London, UK

See how ResourceXpress integrated with the Resource Central advanced booking system delivered a more efficient and versatile workspace with tangible productivity benefits.

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