ResourceXpress also integrates with many other leading Advanced Booking Systems. If you need more advanced features such as visitor management, catering, video conferencing etc, you can be sure we have a solution for you.


Integrate with your familiar enterprise booking system – MS O365/Exchange, Google or a range of Advanced booking systems.

Can be used in local mode in ResourceXpress without connecting to a standard or Advanced Booking system or in Hybrid mode with mix of booking system connectivity

If you already have a legacy booking system which would benefit from using all the great features of ResourceXpress, just get in touch – we pride ourselves on delivering a system to suit your exact needs.

Switching Booking Systems

Want to switch from an Advanced Booking system to a standard MS365 Booking or to local only ResourceXpress booking? With ResourceXpress it’s an easy process with a simple licence change. No reinstallation of software is required. You can also mix booking system connectivity to make the transition as smooth as possible or keep some resources within you booking system of choice and some in local only mode.

Don’t forget!

If a third party advanced functionality booking application has a two way connection with MS Exchange you will be able to instantly use the ResourceXpress graph API Exchange connector to manage all your point of use booking devices for rooms, desks and workspaces (Exchange profile ID needed). We have many direct API connections to a range of Advanced booking solutions (see below) but using MS Exchange as a single source of truth for workspace booking is the quickest and most resilient method to deploy a complete workspace booking solution.

  • FM Systems – Workspace

  • Accruent – EMS Software

  • Add-on Products – Resource Central

  • NFS – Rendezvous Workspace

  • Office Space

  • Zoom

  • MS Teams

ResourceXpress open connectivity to multiple booking systems, Advanced Booking Systems, Microsoft 365 Booking


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