RX-TD-0360 Smart Booking Panel

Workspace booking solutions made easy with the RX-TD-0360 RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking PanelSmart Desk Booking Panel and ResourceXpress. Booking a space through any platform is only one part of the reservation process, now with our smart booking panel, reserving, locating, and checking into a desk booking is a simple process.

The TD-0360 is designed to mount on any surface effortlessly and whether it’s solid wooden surface or glass desktops, there’s no need to damage or permanently mark on the surface of the wall. USB power cords are specifically designed to be tamper-proof to prevent any vandalism to the device.

For more complex RFID requirements, PoE+ LAN and power connectivity see our QUBI3 range of desk booking solutions.

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How RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking Panel Works

RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking PanelTD-0360 glows green when a resource is available and red indicates a resource is already in use. Similarly, an amber LED means the resource has been booked, but the user has yet to check in.

ResourceXpress & the RX-TD-0360 allows for instant check in allowing users to simply tap in with an RFID card. When a booking is ending, the user has an option to extend if the following period is free. Likewise, if the workspace is no longer required a user can simply swipe their RFID card and free up the resource, ready for the next user.

Instant touchless booking is available to help reduce the risk of cross infection of the workplace. Auto ring-fencing of adjacent workspaces and location based booking limits prevents overcrowding and similarly reduces workplace risks.

Download the RX-TD0360 datasheet here

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Key Features

Clear status visibility with the RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking Panel

Clear Status Visibility

The RX-TD-0360 Panel has bright Red, Green and Amber LEDs, therefore the booked status is easily identified

Interactiove control with the RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking Panel

Interactive Modes

13.MHz & 125 KHz (option) RFID cards can be used for touchless authenticated check in, instant bookings, auto extending reservations and for instant check out

Ring-fence workspaces

Keep Your Distance!

Auto ring-fencing of workspaces reduces risks of cross infection in the workplace

Stop ghost bookings

Auto Cancellation

If a booking is not checked in within a defined period a ‘no-show’ cancellation process automatically frees up workspace for others to use

Find colleagues easily with the RX-TD-0360 Smart Desk Booking Panel

Easily Find Colleagues

Authenticated booking means the RX-TD-0360 acts as a workspace name badge clearly showing the workspace owner and the booked period, therefore back end searching using a Kiosk, Maps and RX Mobile App lets you quickly locate colleagues in the office.


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