ResourceXpress Privacy Policy, Huddlespace Licences

How to Use Huddlespace Licences

Huddlespace Licences provide all the functionality of using meeting room screens at a fraction of the cost.

Our Huddlespace licenses lets users deploy the innovative and low cost Qubi3 outside meeting rooms and in other communal workspaces as an alternative to more expensive room screens. This is particularly useful where there are lower profile meeting rooms or huddlespaces in use that need all the benefits of ResourceXpress room booking functionality but don’t require more advanced features like customised graphics, dual language switching and on screen kiosk etc. Use the Aura range for your high profile meeting rooms and Qubi3 with huddlespace for your lower profile resources to ensure you get an even speedier return on your investment.

Low Cost Hardware

Qubi3’s low profile and controllable LED’s provide instant resource status availability and the ability to book on the fly, check-in or check out of a booking early to free up the resource for others to book and use. The bright OLED display shows details of the now/next booking and users can use optional RFID authentication for instant bookings or use capacitive touch buttons to configure their bookings.

Requires MS Outlook, IBM (Lotus) Notes, Google Cal or Microsoft Office 365 account access
An internet connection from the ResourceXpress server
A suitable Windows server to host ResourceXpress .NET server application –see FAQs
Fully customisable room screens to provide complete corporate branding for the system
Central configuration for room and desk screen operation – changes to screen configuration deployed within 60 seconds
Control of interactive screen buttons e.g. To disable at room booking if the room out of use for any reason
Full system wide reporting for actual resource utilization
Screen connectivity logs – screen errors available on the web page for real-time monitoring of large systems
Dual language option and language file customization
Optional email check-in for room bookings (Interactive version only)


Please get in touch if you would like a free trial, demo or just more information.