ResourceXpress has a range of Workspace Booking Hardware.

Take a look at our Aura range of meeting room screens for interactive digital signage for meeting rooms with side and front LED’s and the widest range of integrated RFID authentication options.

For workspace booking take a look at Qubi3 or RX-TD-0360 Desk Booking Panel solutions for clear resource status indications and booking/checking in/checking out of reservation on the fly. Both these devices have similar wide ranging RFID authentication options to the Aura range , all managed from the central ResourceXpress server console.

To centrally manage workspaces from either a fixed Kiosk or using the ResourceXpress mobile app have a look at our QKiosk range. Use interactive office floor maps to quickly find and book free resources and locate previously made bookings. Again, flexible RFID authentication options using the same technology as Qubi3, RX-TD-0360 and Aura ranges are available.

Instant wayfinding and resource status indication can be presented in a central lobby or foyer using ResourceXpress Qsign displays. Greet your visitors and let them know where and when their meetings are when they enter your office.

Workspace Booking Hardware


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