ResourceXpress is a meeting room and desk booking system that helps you book meeting rooms, desks and huddle-spaces more efficiently via a centralised application.

Because its scalable, secure and flexible, it future-proofs your investment by linking to a wide range of standard calendaring and scheduling solutions and third party advanced booking applications.

It centrally manages meeting room screens and desk booking devices providing a bridge to your preferred method of booking, allowing you the freedom to book resources the way you want to.

The next generation Qubi3 is the flexible device for booking desks and meeting rooms at the point of use. Powered by ResourceXpress it makes maximum use of every desk, meeting room or huddlespace. As a result, it optimises your floor space and minimizes your carbon footprint.

ResourceXpress is the smart meeting room and desk booking system choice.

Countries Served
Workspaces Managed
Office Hours Optimized Per Annum

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A Guide to Meeting Room Booking Systems

Our “Guide to Meeting Room Booking Systems” helps you make informed purchasing choices. Because when choosing the right meeting room booking system for your business, maximum utilization is the key to success.

Meeting Room Booking Systems help nurture better communication and improve productivity. Meeting rooms are the focal point for communication, creative thinking, strategic planning and crisis management.

They are the core facility for the most vital decisions corporations make and are visible at all levels within an organization. They are also visible to both customers and suppliers, with the ability to enhance or damage that precious corporate image. It’s important when selecting a meeting room booking system that the corporate image can be maintained and enhanced for all users of the facilities. The key is to make your system reflect your image, prioritizing simplicity, usability and effectiveness. A complex system that promotes a booking system suppliers’ image over your own and one that isn’t particularly easy to use can potentially damage a corporate image, lead to reduced productivity and increased real estate overheads.

A Guide to Desk Booking Systems

Our “Guide to Desk Booking Systems” helps you make informed purchasing choices. Because when choosing the right workspace booking system for your business, maximum utilization is the key to success.

Intelligent Workspace Booking Systems improve productivity and office communication, they also promote agile hybrid working. In today’s competitive recruitment market employees see flexible working as a right not a privilege. A structured, flexible working policy and the infrastructure to manage it efficiently will inevitably be viewed favorably by prospective employees and organizations will enjoy higher employee retention rates.

Effective management of hot desks and office hoteling areas is vital to ensure corporations operate at peak efficiency and can take advantage of opportunities to reduce real estate costs. Reducing the number of fixed desks can have a major impact on profitability for companies but for service users the flexibility of hybrid working can lead to an improved work/life balance and better job satisfaction.

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