XDS-1078-A9 Meeting Room Screen

XDS-1078-A9 Meeting Room Screens are a low cost alternative to the Aura range. If you don’t need to use the built-in RFID features of Aura then the XDS provides a great looking alternative at a lower cost of ownership.

Enterprise Room Booking Panel

The great looking industry standard 10.1”, Android 9 meeting room screen. Integrated status indicating LED’s with PoE and LAN or Wi-Fi options ticks all the boxes for a low-profile, cost effective device that can be mounted in-wall, on glass or on solid/partition walls.

Installed with the clever ResourceXpress Aura meeting room screen firmware and client software you can be assured that this screen will provide a feature rich meeting room booking experience.

  • Provides a clear indication of room status and availability
  • Optional touchless booking/check-in/out to protect the workforce against Covid-19!
  • Instant local room booking, reservation extend and room check-out for true usage reporting
  • Optional auto-release/check-in mode, eliminating no-shows and freeing up room for others to use
  • Works with MS Outlook/Exchange,  O365, Google G-suite calendar + advanced resource booking systems
  • Supports optional authenticated access (PIN/Username and Password only – non RFID)
  • Centrally managed by the ResourceXpress server – fully scalable

XDS-1078-A9 Meeting Room Screen

XDS-1078-A9 Meeting Room Screen
ResourceXpress server with one or more room configured room resource profiles
Any Windows based PC, Android device or with an attached PC or TV screen with a horizontal screen resolution of 1024 or greater
Multiple screen profiles can be configured for one or more rooms with auto-paging of content where necessary
Works with multiple languages
Information displayed includes event title, start and end times, organiser, location and directional/location information
Links to ResourceXpress messaging for Company News, Health and Safety, Security and Alarm Testing Messages
Header banner fully customisable for corporate branding
Can be configured to sequence screen to other web page content e.g. travel, news or other digital content
Can be used independently or in conjunction with room screens and/or QKiosk floor plan kiosks


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