UK HQ Expansion

QED-ResourceXpress is pleased to announce our UK Headquarters expansion. This follows an increased demand for its desk booking devices and meeting room screens. The additional 2,500 Sq. ft facility provides much needed increased storage, build and test capacity to meet customer demand.

UK Headquarters Expansion

Image above shows one of the device racks with QUBI3C’s on test in our new workspace

All meeting room screens and desk booking devices supplied by us undergo exhaustive soak and functional testing prior to despatch. This means our facilities can become extremely busy and projects need to be scheduled well in advance. To improve turnaround times from order to delivery we have doubled our capacity for production. Consequently we are better placed to meet the increased demand for both Meeting Room Screens and Desk Booking Devices.

Our new UK HQ facility has a new state-of-the-art network. Which means we can now more accurately mirror customers actual network infrastructure with batches of over 500 desk booking devices at a time.

UK HQ Expansion & Enhanced Customer Services

Customers who purchase meeting room screens and/or desk booking devices can take advantage of remote configuration consultancy. The UK headquarters expansion makes it very much easier for us to deliver pre-configuration services. As part of these services we can create profiles on remote or SaaS based servers, configured to a customer’s exact requirements. In addition, we configure hardware devices with profile id’s, workspace names and network connection preferences. This extremely valuable service cuts down on-site deployment time and reduces costs, achieving a true “plug n play” experience for customers.

About ResourceXpress

ResourceXpress is a meeting room and desk booking system that helps you book any workspace more efficiently via a centralized application. Because it’s scalable, secure and flexible, it future-proofs your investment by linking to a wide range of standard calendaring and scheduling solutions and third-party advanced booking applications.

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