With the RX Smart Desk Booking Panel

Making office desk usage ultra efficient, the great looking RX-TD-0360 desk booking panel from ResourceXpress is perfectly designed to compliment any modern workspace. Clearly show reservation status, duration and bookers name. Front and rear LED’s change color as the booked status changes to clearly indicate when a desk is free, awaiting check in or is booked. Users can make reservations remotely using the full range of ResourceXpress tools or simply walk up and book using the touch screen or by simply swiping and RFID card.

Click on the following link for more information and to download the RX-TD-0360 data sheet

About ResourceXpress

ResourceXpress is a meeting room and desk booking system that helps you book any workspace more efficiently via a centralized application. Because it’s scalable, secure, and flexible, it future proofs your investment by linking to a wide range of standard calendaring and scheduling solutions and third-party advanced booking applications.

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