Desk Booking Management from ResourceXpress

The QUBI3C and RXTD-0350 range of desk booking panels from ResourceXpress have a great range of features and attributes to help you manage your workspaces more efficiently. The user interface is optimized for a quick and efficient experience with smart features to ensure your workspace runs at optimum efficiency. Combined with our central ResourceXpress software and integrated with the booking system of your choice, we have designed our products so they support how you want to work and reflect your all-important corporate image.

  • Sleek Design
    • Low profile from 13mm depth with desk/partition mounting
    • Subtle status indicating LED’s
    • Touch buttons or touch screen control
  • Headline Features
    • PoE+ single wire connectivity and power installation
    • Integrated cable management
    • Mount on desk, partition, glass or solid wall as part of the standard supply mounting kit
    • Multi-frequency WiFi connectivity
    • Wide range of 13.56Mhz & 125Khz RFID cards supported for quick authenticated booking
  • Smart Features
    • Quick “One Click” booking option
    • Reverse hoteling
    • Release assigned spaces into the bookable pool when not in use
    • Booking control from Kiosk or workspace Maps
    • Last booked/cleaned indication
    • Ring fence desk or groups of desks
    • Touchless booking /check-in/out using RFID
    • Configurable booking periods for a quick uncomplicated user interface
    • Automatic set up and clear down periods

The QUBI3C and RXTD-0350 ranges are the Smart Choice for desk booking panels. Whether you need a desk panel with a slim, low profile design for simple booking operations or more complex RFID authentication to ensure users can check in/out of pre booked meetings, ResourceXpress has a product to meet your needs.

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QUBI3 Desk Booking Panel
RXTD-0350 Desk booking panel, workspace booking panel