New features, improvements and bug fixes are being rolled out at a fast pace by our ResourceXpress development team. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights in version 2021.4

V2021.4 – May 2021 – New Features:

A new option is available to restrict bookings for specific days and date ranges. Users can now select certain days or dates when certain resources are not in use and therefore not bookable. The new setting can be configured via System Settings, Location-based Settings or individually with Profile Settings.

Allowed Locations and Default Location can now be configured using Attributes or Claims via SSO.

When making a ResourceXpress booking, sending a confirmation to the organiser is now available for Google Workspace and other Booking systems.

Support has been added to set the brightness of Aura-X and IAdea screen LEDs (this requires a custom value in the Stylesheet, the new Astro v6 Stylesheets support this option).

Map markers for Custom Space’s will now display the initials of the organiser for the current or next booking.

Check-In by QR code is now available via the RX Mobile App (v2 or above). A new setting is also available to enable, disable or force QR code check-in for the Mobile App.

A new status mode has been added to Qubi for Cleardown in Progress this allows for the LEDs to show as blue during cleardown.

Support for the TD-350 Desk Booking Device has been added.

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, follow this link to the V2021.1 release notes

For more information on ResourceXpress software licence types click here