More efficient and made to reflect real-time data, the ResourceXpress push service for MS Exchange/Office 365 will help optimize your meeting room booking system.

The ResourceXpress Push Service is an add-on to the ResourceXpress server. It is an independent Windows Service used to update/sync booking with Exchange/Office 365 calendars. The benefit of using the Push Service is to reduce the number of requests made from ResourceXpress to the Exchange/Office 365 environment.

Instead of the ResourceXpress server polling every 60 seconds, any new bookings or updates are now automatically pushed by the Exchange/Office 365 server to ResourceXpress.

If you are already enjoying the benefits of a ResourceXpress meeting room booking system with Office 365 or Exchange, just get in touch with our support team who will guide you through setting up this new service.

If you’re not using ResourceXpress, this is another great reason to switch, so contact our sales team now!