QED Advanced Systems and Resourcexpress Inc are pleased to announce the release of RX SaaS 1.6 – highlights include:

Reverse Hotelling

A new feature allowing resources to be assigned to specific users by default. This allows users to book semi permanent resources, freeing them up to be added back into the resource pool when the not required. These resources will display as busy unless the assigned user specifies they will be out of office.

A new licence type called Non-Bookable Workspace has been introduced to cater for fixed/assigned workspaces. This is a low-cost licence that would enable finding assigned fixed desk/workspace users who do not have to book their resources.


In an effort to display larger amounts of information on the Qubi3 display it now has the ability to truncate meeting room names longer than 32 characters and append an ellipsis to indicate truncation. It will also truncate organiser names longer than 22 characters. This will then display as first name plus surname initial e.g. Mike J. Similarly Qubi3 will now truncate meeting titles longer than 34 characters and append an ellipsis to indicate truncation.


An enhancement of reporting functionality now allows a user to specify time range filters into Charts also a Space type filter has now been added in all reports so authorized users can analyse resource usage data by specific type (ie Room. Desk. Parking Space).

Room Screen

Support has been added for a new room screen device type, IAdea Room Screen.

A full list of new features and bug fixes released in RX SaaS 1.6 can be downloaded here

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