Want to use your own hardware for meeting room screens? No problem for ResourceXpress with clients for Android, Windows and iOS the choice is yours.

ResourceXpress provides software clients for Windows, Android and iOS. Should you wish to supply your own hardware for meeting room screens then we can provide the software client which will allow you to display the ResourceXpress room screen.

You can also display Qsign and Qkiosk information on your own hardware all that’s required is the ability to use a modern internet browser. Suitable software such as Kiosk Pro for Apple devices may be required to lock the device down, prevent access to other applications on the device.

Please note that although we will freely supply the ResourceXpress client software it is the users responsibility to verify that their chosen device functions correctly for their requirements. There are so many different devices we cannot guarantee ResourceXpress will work on all of them.


Please get in touch if you would like a free trial, demo or just more information.