New features, improvements and bug fixes are being rolled out at a fast pace by our ResourceXpress development team, so here’s a quick catch up on release features since February.

V2021.1 – Feb 2021 – New Features:
Self registration of users is now available in the RX Kiosk. Allows ​a user to register and configure/update their system name, access code and RFID card for authentication purposes (Domain restrictions apply),

Options when the “More” button is used to make a later day booking from a room screen can now be configured. This is shown after pressing the More button, the start time will be the next available booking time and the end time will be (start-time + this-value).

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, follow this link to the V2021.1 release notes

V2021.2 – March 2021 – New Features:
A new future day booking option has has been added for Aura, Maps, and Booking Manager. This option uses the Working Day system/location setting, differing from the All Day option which provides a 24 hour booking.

A new option has been added for Office 365 connected systems to use Microsoft Graph API instead of Exchange Web Services (EWS). This enables much more granular control of the interface between ResourceXpress and the booking system. MS Exchange push service support to follow in V2021.3.

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, follow this link to the V2021.2 release notes

V2021.3 – April 2021 – New Features:
Office 365 Push Service support was added to the Graph API connection option.

The RX Kiosk has been updated to better suit use in the desktop environment. Recurring requests to the server have been reduced to improve performance.

A new view is available in the RX Mobile App – My Events, Today’s Events sorted by time. Available in RX Mobile App v2.

User Management – A new option is available to define domains that can be used with Self Registration in Kiosk.

In the Reporting Module email addresses for Organizer and Attendees are now displayed in the All Bookings Report when hovering over names. They are also available in downloadable reports and the individual booking details pop up box. This is very useful for contact traceability where there are similar names of users in an organization.


For a full list of improvements and bug fixes follow this link to the V2021.3 release notes

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