QED Advanced Systems Limited and Resourcexpress Inc are pleased to announce the release of RX SaaS 1.7 for our users. In this latest release there are more features aimed at reducing risks of cross infection helping to combat Covid-19. Highlights include:

Ring-fencing Workspaces
Ring-fencing of workspaces in RX SaaS 1.7 is a new option to help with social distancing in the workplace. If enabled, nominated nearby resources automatically change status to unavailable when a booking is created for any workspace.

Touchless Meeting Room Screen Control
To help reduce the risk of cross infection in the workplace, a new touchless method is available for the Aura range of meeting room screens. This utilizes RFID/NFC allowing users to interact with the devices without touching the screen.

QR Code Resource Management
A new mobile web app for RX SaaS 1.7 is available called CliQ. This is used with QR codes allowing users to view, create, extend, check-in and check-out of bookings for any workspace.

Contact Tracing Reporting
Employee contact tracing is available on reporting tab of the RX SaaS 1.7 admin console. This is a further measure to help reduce risks of cross infection in the workplace. It allows administrators to quickly view a users booking history over a set period, as well as any other users they might have been in contact with during these bookings.

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